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In packaging, “good enough” doesn’t cut it

You wouldn’t bring your high-performance vehicle to a bicycle mechanic, so why would you entrust factories offering generic boxes with your packaging program? In today’s competitive economy, packaging should be a value driver for your business, not an afterthought. Let’s discuss why you should invest in expert guidance.


Factory-sourced packaging challenges

Many brands manufacturing in Asia rely on their factories to procure packaging solutions. This often seems like the easiest solution, but it tends to come with hidden costs and complications, including:

One-size-fits-all approach

Off-the-shelf solutions can’t accommodate every product.

Opaque costs

Factories often up-charge significantly for procured packaging, and aren’t transparent.


Protecting products matters. Using too many materials is the wrong approach.

Lack of consistency

Factory-sourced packaging might be to-spec in one region, but not in another.
Managing your program

Making the process smooth

Trillora acts as your full-service packaging department.

That means we produce custom designs tailored to your unique products and needs. We handle local packaging suppliers and interact with your factories. And we conduct quality and performance testing on your packaging.

For brands, this lessens headaches and can result in waste reduction, greater efficiencies, more sustainability, and net savings too.

Supplier Presence

More than 75 qualified packaging partners

Trillora’s robust network of packaging suppliers located throughout Asia is well-equipped to produce and deliver consistent, on-spec packaging to our customers’ factories.

Our network also enables us to confidently source packaging materials if any shortages happen to arise.

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Switching suppliers doesn't have to be disruptive

Trillora has helped many brands switch from their factory supplier to our full-service packaging solutions. We’ve worked with more than 3,000 factories in our service area. Our team knows how to efficiently navigate these transitions. That’s important for our customers to begin realizing the savings and value our solutions produce.

We facilitate cooperation and communication between the brand and factory leaders, organize factory retraining, and guide factories on operational changes to accommodate an optimized packaging program. Learn more by reading our guide focused on how we enable and support these supplier transitions.