Make packaging a value driver

Trillora offers comprehensive packaging design and management services. Rather than off-the-shelf solutions, we tailor our work to each client’s unique needs and products, taking their entire supply chain into consideration.

Our Know-How

End-to-end supply chain expertise

A full-service packaging partner

Trillora’s packaging solutions span from design to production to delivery. Based on your needs, the value we generate for brands in the apparel, footwear, outdoor, sporting goods and other sectors includes:

  • Reducing freight and other costs
  • Lowering product damage and customer return rates
  • Making packaging more sustainable
  • Improving packaging appeal and unboxing experience
  • Ensuring consistent packaging quality across factory locations
  • Coordinating packaging programs with factory leaders
The First Step

Unearthing costs, opportunities

The outcomes Trillora produces in the design, production, and delivery stages often start with a packaging audit.

During an audit, Trillora’s experts assess your packaging and entire supply chain to uncover optimization opportunities. This informs our design process, sourcing, and other strategies.

Design, Produce, deliver

Design with your 

goals in mind

Making a box can be simple, but creating a package design that’s optimized for freight, protects your product, grabs the attention of your customer, and fits within your budget is an art and a science.

Our process includes design and mock-up, client feedback, and validation testing to ensure it meets industry standard safety and performance objectives.


Design Services

Here are the key steps in Trillora’s design process, which we’ve developed to ensure the best
possible outcomes for your packaging and business:

Structural design
Our teams design quickly, conducting product fit, material specification, and prototyping.

Material and ISTA testing
Validation testing and other processes ensure packaging provides protection and is built for international supply chains.

Graphic design and preflighting
We ensure your graphics files are ready for production. This helps reduce any wasted materials at the printer.

Carton suite development
We analyze your supply chain to optimize your carton suite for consistency, efficiency, and cost.

Packaging analysis and DC audit
This process helps us identify key areas for improvement in both your packaging and your warehouses.

LCA (sustainability) analysis
We use data to show sustainability improvements from packaging changes, including CO2 emissions and fresh water usage and savings.

Packaging Types

Trillora designs and produces fiber-based packaging in many key categories. Our engineers and designers
combine the right board specifications and carton dimensions to maximize pallet and container utilization.

Testing to ensure performance

Packaging needs to be designed and optimized to meet the rigors of shipping and logistics.

Although some amount of stress may be unavoidable, proactive planning and testing can minimize the amount of damage that occurs to packages during transit. This involves understanding the specific journey of each product to anticipate potential sources of damage.

Trillora’s testing lab in Shenzhen is equipped to handle many ISTA tests to ensure the packaging we design can withstand the demands of an international supply chain.

Design, Produce, deliver

Bringing your design to life

Through our network of packaging partners, Trillora can manufacture trays, inserts, perforated cartons, master outer cartons, retail packaging and more.

Our network helps us ensure that packaging is produced to quality specifications every time, across regions and countries.


Robust sourcing to satisfy your schedule

Trillora focuses on using the right packaging materials to meet cost and performance objectives. The payoff is improved product protection and customer experience.

We source these materials, including various grades of sustainable paperboard, from a deep network of suppliers who deliver to factories in China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, India, and beyond.

Our Global Presence

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